“Expedite the production deadline
with simple mold production.”

What is QDM?

It is possible to comprehensively correct the mechanism design problems that were experienced due to having to make the same structure using the existing mass production mold method.
It is suitable for small quantity production of various types, and can produce high-quality parts through high-level technical support to meet the diverse needs of customers.
Customers can also create samples for testing purposes before mass production.

QDM Advantages

Shorten delivery time

By using a standardized mold base and our system, you can see the product faster than with mass production molds.

Flexibility in repairing finished products

Because all mold processing processes are performed internally, design changes and modifications are quick and easy.

Mass production possible

Approximately 3,000 to 5,000 units can be produced at a time, so you can meet the desired volume.

low processing cost

Compared to mass-produced products, there is little difference in quality, and costs can be reduced by up to 50% compared to mass-produced molds.

품질 보증 확보

We have 3D and vision measuring instruments, so we immediately respond to various customer measurement needs for all products produced.

Application field

medical industry

IT industry

home appliance industry

beauty industry

Household goods

automobile industry