Professional production company in the QDM field

Through the QDM process, you can quickly find the products
you need in all areas of your business.

We quickly and accurately create products
needed across industries.

Polyhitech is a company that not only produces products that meet customer requirements
as well as establishing its own standardization process and rapid mold system (QDM).
You can receive your product within 1 to 2 weeks.



It is an abbreviation for Quick Delivery Mold and is called a simple mold.
Compared to general mold production, the production period is shorter and the level of completion is higher.


It is a manufacturing method that facilitates small quantity production of various types based on mass production molds and QDM molds, and mainly molds plastic parts to create products needed throughout the industry.


There is a well-organized system ranging from prototypes needed for testing to small quantity mass production of various products.
We create products that meet customer requirements through mold manufacturing services.

PolyHitech’s Values

Polyhitech promises to provide various parts needed
for the industry in various quantities and production methods,
starting from prototype production to mass production of large-scale products.

Time Managemen

By using a standardized mold base,
we strictly adhere to the
delivery schedule promised to our customers.

Fast Delivery

We prepare standardized CORE materials,
enabling stable and accurate delivery response
compared to competitors.

Cut Down Expense

We adopt a one-stop manufacturing method from design
to mold production and injection molding,
securing competitiveness compared to other companies.

Pursuing Innovation

We are a small but strong company that grows every day
through continuous technological development,
talent development, and a spirit of challenge.

Major customers