injection molding

“Make a variety of parts
without limitations!”

What is Injection Molding?

It is a service necessary for the production of efficient and practical products throughout the industry, and it is a service that removes plastic materials melted by heating.
After injection into the injection mold, the heat is cooled to process molded products with different shapes, sizes, and properties.
It is mainly processed using plastic materials with good processability.

Injection Molding advantages

Flexible product production

Because the molding process is short and efficient, products of the desired shape can be manufactured.

Automatic control possible

Since products are produced through a system control method, you can receive finished products of the same quality.

Complex shape design possible

Because the processing precision is high, it is possible to produce products without any problems even if the design model is difficult.

Application field

medical industry

IT industry

home appliance industry

beauty industry

Household goods

automobile industry