Mold production

“Molds that meet industry requirements
“Make it fast.”

What is mold manufacturing?

In making our customers' ideas and visions a reality, we mainly focus on the early stages of product development.
Responsible for product design. We carefully consider not only functional requirements but also visual requirements.
We create molds that can produce optimal products for industrial requirements.

Advantages of mold manufacturing

Shorten production time

Because we have standardized the process, it takes less time to produce the product than our competitors.

Uniform quality product

We promise unified quality for finished products by using the same mold.

Easy processing

Because it is processed into a mold after going through a detailed design process, the parts requested by customers can be manufactured quickly and easily.

Easy for intermediate corrections

Design changes and mold modifications are possible depending on the development of new products or model changes.
We can produce in response to various modifications and changes from our customers.

Application field

medical industry

IT industry

home appliance industry

beauty industry

Household goods

automobile industry