Items Work contents Schedule Note
Map out verification 1. Written confirmation of reviewing structure, estimate product
(molding structure, gate location, review mass productivity)
2. Finalize CAM for molding production
  Review 3D data
Molding map out 1. Open out molding structure and molding parts
2. Molding map out, Compose CAM program
Manufacture molding 1. NC production (Core, Cavity). Wire Production
2. Discharge, finishing, assemble
T0 Emission and modification Emission and modification for in-house screening 1.0~2.0  
T1 Emission and delivery 1. Inspect emission and quality
2. Customer Delivery
Local Shipment
(Overseas Shipment)
Packaging and shipment to customer 0.5
When using DHL/FEDEX
Complete Schedule   7.0~12.0  

◎ akes 7 days for T1 emission delivery in standard molding map out for portable phones.